Discover Unbeatable Vistas On a Designated All-American Road


惊叹于令人惊叹的岩层, an expansive lake 和 abundant wildlife on a scenic drive through Southwest Wyoming 和 northern Utah. 全美37条指定公路之一, the Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway is a 150-mile drive starting in 岩石弹簧 和 ending in 绿河. From 岩石弹簧, your journey begins at Exit 99 off I-80, following U.S. 191号高速公路向南穿过沙漠地带. Vast 和 untouched l和scapes unfold which are home to large herds of pronghorn antelope, 野马, 骡鹿和许多种类的猛禽.

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Please adventure responsibly 和 take care to keep our communities safe. 在我们广阔的空间里保持距离很容易. 


With so much to see 和 do along this scenic drive, it can be hard to know where to start. 幸运的是,你可以在全新的地方与当地人一起冒险 火焰峡谷之旅. This fully planned tour features stops at all the best places along the Flaming Gorge Scenic Byway 和 even includes lunch! You'll get to learn about the area's rich wildlife 和 history too. 今年夏天加入我们的旅游,把计划交给我们.



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帮助你驾驭怀俄明州西南部的全美之路, add these must-see attractions 和 notable stopping points to your route.


当你穿过铁轨上的桥时, 你正在穿越一条重要的历史交通走廊. 在拓荒时期, 这是著名的陆上舞台步道的一部分, 穿越狂野西部的重要路线. In the late 1860s, the Transcontinental Railroad was built along the same corridor.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 500英里标志


在小火洞观景台停一下. 的 interpretive sign here explains some of the vast geological forces which carved 和 crumbled the l和scape before you.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 511英里标志


的 Big Firehole Turnout is a paved 10-mile road offering the northern most access to Lake Flaming Gorge. 的 unique chimney formations have been carved by wind 和 water erosion. Big Firehole offers a boat launch, camping, restrooms 和 lakeside picnic facilities.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 513英里标志



Several unmarked turnouts on the east side of Lake Flaming Gorge offer sweeping views of Clay Basin, 在那里你可以看到犹他州60多英里的地方, 科罗拉多州和怀俄明州. 这个区域是迅猛龙(鹰)最集中的地方, 猎鹰, 鹰和秃鹫)在较低的48个州. Clay Basin also serves as a major underground storage facility for the numerous natural gas wells in the region.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路-里程标记535-537


在米妮Gap, the road to the east travels 20 miles on paved 和 graded roads to historic Browns Park. Its remote location along three state borders attracted many outlaws, 和 Browns Park became a major way station on the Outlaw Trail. Its most famous residents were Butch Cassidy 和 the Sundance Kid, 尽管还有马特·华纳等形形色色的人, 汤姆的角, 皇后安 & Josie Bassett, Isom Dart 和 Mexican Joe Herrera added to its notorious fame. 今天, the charm of Browns Park is that little has changed from those frontier years, although fly rods have replaced six guns for most of its visitors.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 549英里标志


A splendid view of the lake awaits you at this byway pullout. 的 colorful red cliffs across the lake inspired early explorer John Wesley Powell to name the area Flaming Gorge. 马尼拉,犹他州和 紫花苜蓿滨 也能看到湖对面吗. Antelope Flats offers camping, wildlife viewing 和 access to excellent fishing.

访问点: 美国191号高速公路- 401英里标志


Follow the well-marked turnoff to Mustang Ridge, a favorite boat launch 和 camping area. 途中是阳光湾,一个很受欢迎的游泳湖滨.

访问点: 美国191号高速公路- 398英里标志


的 Little Hole Road takes you down to the most popular access point along the 绿河. This day use area offers boat ramps, picnicking, rafting, hiking 和 trophy trout fishing.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 396英里标志



火烈峡大坝 & 水库忽视 就在这条小路的拐角处吗. 你面前的水有3到400英尺深! Many stationary boats you see are likely seeking the state's record-breaking lake trout that prosper in these waters.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 395英里标志


不要错过火焰峡谷的首映 火焰峡谷大坝的游客中心! Interpretive dis玩s of the area 和 free dam tours can be enjoyed year round. 享受新建的野餐设施, boat dock 和 fishing pier located at the other end of the parking area.

访问点: U.S. 191号高速公路- 393英里标志


格林德尔路口是美国.S. 191号公路和UT 44号公路. 从这里开始,需要做出选择.S. 191号公路继续通往犹他州的Vernal和恐龙之地. 沿UT 44号高速公路向北,可通往历史街区 绿河,怀俄明州. Either direction is packed with scenic wonders 和 countless recreational opportunities! For this portion of the tour, we will head north on UT Hwy 44.

访问点: U.S. 191号公路和UT 44号公路

Visitors enjoying the scenic overlooks in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area


的 红峡谷游客中心 is located on a rocky point, 1,700 feet above the lake as it winds through this deep canyon. 这里一年四季都能看到令人惊叹的美景.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 3英里标志.5


Enter this 13-mile loop from either direction to enjoy the amazing views of the Sheep Creek National Geologic Area. Keep your eyes peeled for the bighorn sheep that call this area home.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 14英里标志.5-22


Grab your camera 和 enjoy the fiery red cliffs that tower over scenic Sheep Creek Bay.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 17英里标志.5


Lucerne Peninsula is a great place to view these fleet high-desert mammals 和 is the major marina 和 camping development on the lake.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 43英里标志



的 historic location of Brinnegar’s Crossing is one of many unpaved roads along your journey north that offer access to more remote regions of the lake.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 31英里标志


这是巴克布码头的所在地, offering the most northern marina services 和 an excellent ice fishing departure point.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 24英里标志


了解更多有关 令人难以置信的雕刻塔和烟囱 它们主宰着峡谷的这片区域.

访问点: UT 44号高速公路- 8英里标志


当你向北行进时,你会到达小镇 绿河,怀俄明州 和 探险岛, where John Wesley Powell began his voyage of exploration down the uncharted waters of the Green 和 Colorado Rivers. 今天, visitors can enjoy trails, swimming, kayaking 和 picnicking at this idyllic site. 这是您在火焰峡谷风景小道的最后一站. 在绿河酒店住一晚 酒店或旅馆 在我们的 餐厅.

访问点: 南第二东街475号.格林河,怀俄明州82935